Wilde Roses – Woven


Wilde Roses debut studio album



Wilde Roses second album – released October 2020

The album weaves together some of the most beautiful historical songs of the British Isles – from the delicate threads of plainsong, to the raw power of Welsh bardic poetry, to the pure joy of partying through the winter (16th-century style). We have had such an amazing time researching and making this album – and hope it will brighten your days and nights!

1 Nota
2 Deo Gracias Anglia
3 Edward Llwyd
4 Omnia Vincit Amor (love conquers all)
5 Agnus Dei
6 Ar Ne Kuth Ich Sorghe Non
7 Ar ne kuth Estampie
8 Kat Godeu (the battle of the trees)
9 The Willow Song
10 I Will Give My Love An Apple
11 Verbum Patris Humanatur
12 Broom of Cowdenknows
13 Danger Me Hath, Unskylfuly
14 I Have A Yong Suster
15 My Lady Carey’s Dompe
16 To Drive The Cold Winter Away
17 Stanes Morris-Italian Rant-Nonesuch-Indian Queen

Anna Tam – musical director, voice, nyckelharpa, hurdy gurdy, viola da gamba, percussion
Emily Baines – voice, recorders, bagpipes
Arngeir Hauksson – lute, gitterns, percussion, jaw harp

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Wilde Roses – Woven