This week’s episode of Folk from the Boat took us on an historical adventure to a hill site in Harlow by the River Stort where the remains of a bronze age pond barrow, a Celtic Temple, a Roman Temple and Saxon buildings are found. Quite an extraordinary place that has been the focal point of the lives of so many different people and cultures. It made me think of the similarly linked festivals that take place this week at the beginning of February and called Imbolc (to the Celtic goddess Brigid), St Brigid’s Day, Groundhog Day and Candlemas.

I’ll wait to see what comes of all this inspiration but I have certainly been writing a lot of tunes recently! Here is one (performed in the episode) for my parents’ anniversary, also this week. A waltz on nyckelharpa called St Martin’s Waltz since they were married at St Martin-On-The-Hill Church, Scarborough. If you’d like the music please download it, I’m sure it will work on fiddle and lots of other instruments

Love and light,  Anna x 

St Martin’s Waltz
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