A lovely surprise today! My performance of Arrane Saveenagh – a lullaby from the Isle of Man, sung in Manx Gaelic – was featured in The Manx Independent in an article by Dr Chloë Woolley. Here’s the full article describing the musicians who, like me, have been inspired by the beautiful Manx repertoire:


Arrane Saveenagh was collected by the folklorist Mona Douglas from the singing of Mrs Shimmin of Foxdale, c. 1920/30s. When I was researching Manx songs the gentle melody and this lovely verse caught my eye:

On green hills afar the shadows they darken
The moons silver cradle is shining above
Within it I’ll put you and there you shall hearken
The songs the stars sing O child of my love

At the moment I’m gathering songs to create a new album and Arrane Saveenagh is definitely going to feature. I’m so grateful to Chloë Woolley for her help with research and pronunciation and can’t wait to make more Manx discoveries.

Manx Independent Newspaper mention!

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  • 25 May 2020 at 2:17 pm

    Great to see this, lovely song!


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