This week with the Rosamunde Quartet I have given six concerts in as many days, each with a different programme. It’s wonderful work, some of the highlights have been Schubert and Haydn quartets – more on them in the next post! – and I’ve had the opportunity to visit many interesting places…

Our last port – Lisbon, Portugal – was very inspiring. There is a beautiful tradition of music there called the fado. On a previous visit I had heard a fado singer and guitarist and fell in love with the passion displayed so this time I bought a book of songs and began working on a version for voice and nyckelharpa.

This is a piece inspired both by the fado and an exploration of the relationship between the voice and the nyckelharpa, it isn’t intended to resemble the fado exactly. I’d love to expand it further in the future but I hope you enjoy this little song.

Due to an issue with the camera microphone we had to record the performance just with the audio.

Nyckelharpa Diaries – week 3

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